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Business energy costs are on the rise and it is essential to compare prices to make sure you get the best deal. The Office of National Statistics published a report in July 2018 on the energy efficiency of UK businesses. It found that many smaller machines use more energy than large industrial ones. This report also looked at the most energy-efficient office equipment and the least energy-efficient ones.

Shopping around for the best business energy deal can be a daunting process. It’s not easy to compare business prices because they’re often much more complicated than those of domestic customers. However, the process of switching suppliers can be straightforward. Utility Saving Expert is a website that makes it easy to switch between business energy tariffs.

Business energy prices depend on several factors, including company size, location, and meter type. Bigger premises will consume more energy, and if you’re located in a city, you’ll pay a higher rate than if you’re located in a rural area. Furthermore, business energy prices vary by region, so a business in London may pay a different rate than a business in Scotland. Also, some meters charge different rates depending on the time of day. This is why it’s important to compare energy prices to make sure you get the best deal possible.

Most business energy bills include a standing charge. This charge covers the maintenance of the mains supply. The cost of accessing business electricity is usually priced in pence per day. While the unit rate has the greatest impact on your bill, the daily standing charge can make a significant difference. The standing charge is often overlooked when comparing prices.

The Goswitch comparison tool enables you to compare business energy deals. The comparison tool lists several options in a list, and you can scroll through the results to find the best deal. If you like the deal, you can complete the contract and select it. When you’ve chosen the best deal, you can enter your details and sign the contract using the secure DocuSign system. The entire process takes less than five minutes.

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