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Hide your hair loss: how to do it?

The hardest part when you start to lose your hair is usually the resulting lack of self-confidence. So when the first signs of alopecia appear, it is our own reflection that is affected. However, there is no need to worry because various methods allow you to hide your hair loss.

Hair loss and the consequences of our self-esteem

One of the first aspects of our personality affected by hair loss is self-esteem. This situation is much more marked with regard to the fairer sex, since the notion of hair is generally linked to that of beauty.

Alopecia can therefore have repercussions both in the social and psychological spheres. Studies tend to show that these hair disorders can sometimes be the precursors of anxiety or depression problems. It is therefore necessary to remedy this by making use of the multitude of solutions available to us.

Consult a dermatologist for alopecia

Today there are treatments that can slow hair loss, or even make it reversible. These treatments against alopecia are delivered after consultation with a dermatologist.

They generally consist of the application of a product based on minoxidil. The product should be applied for three months, morning and evening. When it is effective, treatment should hardly be stopped, otherwise the effects of regrowth will wear off.

The Finasteride is another “miracle” product used in case of baldness. This oral treatment makes it possible to slow down the fall in 80% of people provided that they are in a situation of moderate or recent hair loss. This treatment is generally intended for relatively young men.

The hair supplement for falls on the top of the head

Falls located at the upper level of the head can be camouflaged with the help of a hair supplement. This accessory has the advantage of suitably marrying the structure of the head. It allows you to regain your appearance of yesteryear.

Opt for the wig in case of heavy loss

In addition, non-localized and advanced falls generally only give way to wearing the wig. The main advantage for both men and women is the multitude of cuts and choices.

You also have the possibility of benefiting from a lot of advice and assistance in choosing your hair prosthesis. 

Make use of accessories like a turban or scarf

There are many accessories that can hide hair loss. The turban, the scarf, the hat and the headband are excellent camouflage allies.

They offer the advantage of being available in several models, shapes, or even patterns. In addition to camouflaging the loss, they turn out to be fashion accessories, which will undoubtedly allow you to regain confidence.

If hair loss in itself is not pleasant, the various tips presented here can also be an opportunity to completely change your style.

Wig or turban: Which product to choose?

During hair loss, do you want to find a solution to hide your hair loss while remaining feminine? Several questions come to mind and particularly this one: How to choose between a wig and a turban? Today we’re going to help you shed some light on the situation by demonstrating the pros and cons of each.


With the wig, you can afford to have the cut and color you want. Indeed, they allow us to feel more confident to face the vagaries of life. There are thousands of hair prostheses so you are bound to find a model to your liking.  The choice of a wig is very important. It defines you and also hides your secret. The cut should be chosen according to your face shape such as curly edge wig.

Having a wig also means taking care of it the right way. Forget your hair ritual; there are care products suitable for synthetic wigs and others for natural wigs. 

To acquire a wig, the budget is around 300 euros for a comfortable product with a natural effect. During the spring and summer periods, the wig can be more difficult to bear and there are caps to manage thermoregulation.


Many models of turbans exist: thousands of colors, patterns, materials. There are several online shops that offer several ranges such as caps, hats and headbands with plain or floral patterns. There is therefore a wide choice to satisfy everyone’s styles. It is a fashion accessory that should not be overlooked in the face of illness. This year, they are real trendy products. For those who want a natural look, it is possible to add fringe under the cup. The maintenance for this type of product is very easy, most turbans can be machine washed at 30 degrees or by hand. Their prices vary between 15 and 80 euros for more sophisticated models.

Some people do not accept the wearing of the hat because it is visible and immediately noticed by others, for example when you are in a restaurant. It is therefore important, if you want to wear this accessory, to accept the gaze of others.
The choice of material is very important. For example, bamboo fibers should be preferred, which are more comfortable than synthetic fibers. Bamboo is also 3 to 5 times more absorbent than cotton.
Like any accessory, not everyone will feel comfortable wearing a beanie or turban.


The choice to wear a wig or a turban therefore depends on you, your tastes and your needs. You can alternate the two, too, wearing skunk stripe wig for a night out and a turban at home to be more comfortable. 

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