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How to Attract Instagram Comments From the Right People

So, how do you get Instagram comments? You can either use contests, Emojis, or write great comments. It all depends on what works for you. Here are some tips to get started. All three will help you get more comments. Try out these strategies and you will soon see a boost in your engagement! Read on to discover how to get more Instagram comments. You’ll be glad you did.


You can use emojis in your Instagram post to add fun and interactiveness. For example, Domino’s uses emojis to place orders with its ‘pizza’ emoji. This way, you can tweet that you’d like a pizza! Chevrolet even got attention for an emoji press release! But what exactly can you do with these emojis?

The first thing you can do is try using a emoji slider to poll your followers. It can be useful to poll your friends about your latest outfit or new recipe. However, you’ll need a thick skin to use this method! The emoji slider can help you learn more about your audience’s likes and dislikes, and you’ll be able to tailor your content better.Please visit here for information about Contact Lenses.


When using contests on Instagram, you need to make sure you follow all the rules and guidelines set out by the social media platform. Deviating from these guidelines can result in your account getting flagged or deleted. A contest’s image should include two parts – an introduction explaining why you’re holding a competition, and a description of how to win. This way, participants will have a clear idea about how to enter the contest.

One of the most effective ways to attract Instagram comments is by holding a photo contest. A photo contest may ask participants to post their selfies and include a hashtag. People who want to win a prize can go searching for the image with the hashtag. Contestants may even post photos of their new prize on Instagram, further increasing awareness and participation. If you have a highly engaged audience, you can also use contests to cross promote other content and social activities.know more this link Jack of All Trades Quote

Writing great comments

Write great comments on Instagram by tagging people, reading their posts and adding value to their content. Don’t leave endless compliments. Instead, ask them open-ended questions. You might be surprised at how many people respond to your comments. Then, give them a genuine compliment in return. Your follower base will surely appreciate your effort. In this way, you will get lots of likes and comments.Please Visit Soap2Day

The best comments are not two-word ones or short emojis. Make them relevant to the photo. The comment should also mention the main part of the photo or video. People will respond positively to comments that are original and thoughtful. Make sure to mention other people in your comment. The more people you tag in your caption, the more likely they will comment. You can also use hashtags to attract more followers.More Movies Download from here Fullmaza 

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