Dice Games: Varieties, Definition & More

Dice games are a niche that is less explored than the usual casino games most people play. Among the non-card games, slots and roulette games are by far the most popular. Dice games are numerous, and many relevant casino providers offer them in their online establishments.

However, dice games are often complicated. For instance, the Lucky 10 game is a comparably popular dice game that is still absent from many big websites on account of its complexity. But if you explore the options and rules, dice might be a very entertaining casino pastime.

Dice Overview

Dice games include a large number of casino games that include, well, dice. It’s a sprawling niche, even if many of these activities are scarcely known. 

These games are typically much more interactive and immersive than your typical casino games. It’s not as stark online, because you can’t really shake and throw dice if they are digital. Many developers make a special effort to design dice as realistic and believable as possible, seeing how it’s a very important part of the gameplay.

The rules vary, but this throw of the dice is almost universal to casino games. Some activities that use this item don’t have a throw action, but they are scarce. For instance, some casinos have Liar’s Dice, but it’s hard enough to implement. In short, all dice games are interactive and immersive.


Craps is by far the most popular casino dice game. In fact, it’s more like a genre, because there are so many bet types that you can shape a completely new variety just like that.

It starts by selecting the type of bet, specifying bet characteristics and, finally, throwing two dice. There are many different bet types in craps. For instance, you can bet whether or not your throw is higher than the one made by the dealer. To make it more exciting, they often add ‘7’ to the dice.

The one unifying part of the different craps plays is that you bet against the bank (casino, in this case). In the non-casino craps, you bet against other players, which is perfectly in line with what dice stand for. Many other dice activities follow largely the same principles.

Hi-Lo Dice

Hi-lo is another huge game in this category. It’s probably slightly less popular than the one described above, but it’s also much simpler. The rules are much fewer, and there aren’t that many types of bets. The only two types are ‘high’ and ‘lo’, as evident from the name.

You basically throw dice and predict whether it’s going to be higher or lower than the throw the dealer will make. It’s that simple, and it’s somewhat similar to craps. That being said, there are also many unique distinctions that craps simply don’t have. Both games, however, exhibit the same popular sides of dice games.


There are plenty of enjoyable games in this category, but only a handful is played widely and by many players. In part, it’s because dice games are more complex than many other games. But, as you could see, there are some games that can be very simple if you spend just a few minutes understanding how they work. 

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