Experience in soccer betting to preserve capital for newbies  

The lack of experience in betting on soccer has caused many players, passionate about this sport, to become discouraged because of the feeling of not having reached their desired destination. This is not simply about sports knowledge, but also requires proficiency in applying skills and managing football betting capital to preserve capital. Therefore, we will share useful information about sports on our website New88 to help these players improve their skills and be more confident when participating in soccer betting.
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Experience in soccer betting to preserve capital

Football betting method to preserve capital

Step 1: Before placing a bet, deciding the amount of money you will use to bet is most important. According to the experience of many experts, using 10% of total capital is the optimal choice. This helps minimize risks and keep your capital in a safe condition.

Step 2: Divide the bet. Divide the amount you bet into 3 different parts with different uses. Each part is used for a separate purpose: the first part is to bet on the reputable house you have chosen; the second part to keep in a bank account so that it can be withdrawn when necessary; The third part is to send thanks to trusted relatives or friends so that they can withdraw in an emergency situation.

Step 3: Appreciate the quantification of the amount bet on the house. Choose at least 2 reputable bookmakers with a service mode that can withdraw money at any time during 24 hours a day to place bets. This ensures the safety of your bets.

Step 4: Set a stop level when playing, this seems simple but few players can do it. If you cannot do it, you will suffer many losses. So let’s try to implement this goal. The beginning is difficult, but if you start well, you will have a good ending

Cyclical betting strategy

Betting on cycles is the first football betting experience that we want to share with players. This is one of the methods to help you capture the highest winning rate.

 This way, you can easily identify the match series by tracking the team’s playing time. From there, you can make an assessment of the team’s performance at the current stage. When you predict the pattern of performance, you will have a good chance to bet at the most suitable time.

Optimizing selection is one of the popular betting strategies used by many people today to bet on soccer to preserve capital. Even though it’s just a theory, applying it is quite simple. All players participating in soccer can recognize this, but few people really understand it deeply.

Determine Betting Range In Soccer Betting

First of all, when allocating bets in betting, setting a betting range is important for each player. For example, I usually only bet on teams like Germany, Italy, England, etc. and rarely pay attention to matches outside my set range. You can use the current state to decide the betting range. Betting range helps you easily determine the direction of soccer betting to preserve capital.

Next, paying attention to the odds is important. If you apply a high risk playing strategy, no team is guaranteed to win, like in the match between England and Macedonia, when betting based on the odds you set yourself will not be changed.

How to allocate bets in betting and its science requires careful consideration. This is a complicated and complicated job, many players fail because they do not know how to properly arrange safe bets in betting.
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Cautious Odds Analysis

Betting is an extremely important factor when participating in soccer betting. This requires players to accumulate, research, and analyze a large amount of information from football teams to be able to make the most accurate choices. What does betting include?

First, observe the rankings of both teams on the current rankings. Most teams that are strong and have stable performance usually have high rankings. Players then choose between the upper and lower bets depending on their prediction.


In your upcoming bets, you can apply the provided no-lose soccer betting strategies to test their performance. With just proper observation and application, you can achieve positive results in soccer betting matches to preserve your capital. Hopefully the sharing of New88 The article will bring you the most interesting and useful information.

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