How can an employee survive in the best way?

We all know that survival is for the fittest. We are living in difficult times, and we all need to give our best to survive all the challenges. You grow up studying in a school and then you go to college, and after your college ends, you search for a job for the settlement of your life. After getting a secured job, it is not at all easy to survive in the workplace, as you can encounter so many difficulties regarding alleged instances of unfair or wrongful termination, denial of justice, failure to promote, discrimination, workplace harassment, failure of an employment contract, misleading advertising concerning employment, sexual harassment, unfair competition, biasedness or any violation of any law about the job. But you are bound to face the harsh reality. To know the best ways how you as an employee can survive in the workplace, you can go through this employee survival guide.

  • Make relationship strong

Communication and relationship do not go out of trend, no matter at which level you are working. Always try to maintain a firm relationship with the employer, management, and the other employees of the company, as this will help you to work in a peaceful environment  

  • To be multi-skilled

In today’s generation, all are very competitive in nature. It is very essential to develop multiple skills so that you can contribute to the company. The more skill you gain, the more value you make for yourself in the company.

  • Good behavior

You should always hold a positive attitude and be kind while speaking to anyone in the workplace. Don’t be harsh to anyone, it will have a negative impact on fellow employees, and the manager.

  • Concentrate on your wellbeing

As we all know that health is wealth, and if you suffer from some chronic physical illness or any mental issue like anxiety or depression, you should always find the cure as soon as possible as it can hamper your career. 

  • Think rationally and be nice to your boss.

You should always be strategic in thinking as your position or designation demands. And always listen to your boss’s instructions without fail, because they are path showers in your job. 


As an employee, you should always be aware of workplace politics, because this will help you to survive peacefully. You should always maintain some of the decorum mentioned above to maintain a healthy environment in the workplace. 

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