As years go by, certain things transition into another. We, as humans, have adapted to the fact that the only constant thing is change. But is it? Because, so many years of culture infused into putting together a wedding, somehow the energy around it has remained the same. From shopping for your wedding outfits to your wedding jewellery and all the ceremonies up ahead. It’s a rollercoaster of life everyone takes and has their level of fun! 

When you have gathered all the enthusiasm and you are all set to get down for the very unique bridal shopping, you absolutely cannot go amiss on this bridal jewellery on trend for this year that will not only get itself a place in your heart but will reside in your memory for years.

 Here we have enlisted the latest ones that you might want to add to your bridal jewellery set for that evermore wedding:

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  1. The choker set- necklace is so important! Isn’t it? It is the puzzle that joins your makeup and your wedding outfit together and creates this beautiful unity! Very much on-trend and selected by all the brides today, the bridal choker set is your go-to because it actually can not go wrong. Pair it with another neckpiece like a maharani haar or go simply with a choker. You can also go with a simple choker and pair it with many layers of other neckpieces, no matter what, you look exquisite. 

Deepika Padukone at her reception went with a wonderful choice of choker with emerald gemstones embedded in it paired with a long necklace completing her whole bridal necklace set.

2. Antique design: today, it’s all about the aesthetic and nothing is better in it than vintage. It gives you these classic and contemporary vibes that perhaps nobody can replace. With Bollywood celebrities adding a bit of tradition and culture to their wedding jewellery, it has become a top trend to go for antique wedding jewellery. Temple jewellery is your classic choice, with your option to alter it by choice, adding in gemstones to accentuate your outfit to going for certain motif works in it.

3. Kundan jewellery: when you do your best to get those perfect candid shots you want nothing to go amiss. Kundan jewellery is made using mirrors that are filled in gold-plated bezels. The mirror works make the entire jewellery shine the perfect amount.  You can always customize it with gemstones and diamonds, all the celebs did it. Aishwariya rai went evergreen Kundan in Jodha Akbar, not to mention Shilpa Shetty in her extravagant wedding went fully loaded in Kundan jewellery. And added to that, with its intrinsic work at the back side with lac which makes it a shinier and more reflective making it your best-suited option for a majestic wedding photoshoot.

4. Zircon rings: when Anushka Sharma flaunted her wedding ring while not being too plain and adding a huge ring, on the other hand, it created a butterfly effect that will last long. Zircon rings are chic and classy.  its resemblance to diamonds and being more on the sparkly side with gemstones embedded into it is nothing but noticeable. When hathphool feels like too much to you but you do not want to go plain as well. You don’t have anything to fuss about but pick the zircon rings.

5. Nose rings/ naath-  coming back to the trend with all its royalty it beautifully highlights the wedding occasion. Worn by brides over the years and coming in various options from intrinsic work to simple naaths, encourages today’s brides to go for full accessories on their bridal look. You might want to cross-check the size of the nose ring with your face, whether it suits you or not. A big naath with detailed works speaks about royalty and if you are choosing to go simple with your other wedding jewellery, you need to have this in your bridal jewellery set to unify the whole look.

6. Artificial jewellery for the bride– every piece of jewellery speaks about you. It’s important to carefully select each piece so that your whole wedding look is nothing but chic as you walk down the aisle. These days, brides have gone for the wise choice of selecting artificial jewellery and making it their modern bridal jewellery set. With pastels and a rainbow of colours present at the wedding, mixing -matching the theme with the jewellery has become important. Synthetic beads to stone studding in your neck piece and maang tikka is a classic versatile option!

7. Bridal waistband- not very often in demand back in a few years, it is the complete opposite at the moment. A waistband wrapped around your bare torso gives you this slimming look while hugging your curves and accenting the entire look. It gives you this princess kind of feel while highlighting your curves. Also, a wonderful way to keep your saree/dupatta in place so that you do not have any hassle with it during all the ceremonies and meet and greetings. If you are going for a simple in-design saree, make sure you choose a waistband that is quite detailed in works. Especially with motif designs. 

Mouni Roy for her Malayali wedding went with classic temple jewellery designs and choose an intrinsic waistband.

8. Seeshpatti/matha Patti- here’s the thing matha Patti is a headband in a metal base that covers the forehead while a sees Patti or a seeshphhool is more like a headband covering the crown part of your head. There is the option of going solo or putting on both. When you don’t want to accessorise yourself with a very heavy look you would want to let go of the matha Patti and choose the seeshPatti for the delicacy that it carries with itself. It gives an elegant yet dainty look that catches the eyes. Or you can choose both of them as a pair like Katrina kaif for her wedding. whatsoever it’s a must to add this into your jewellery set for the wedding.

The very vogue Matha Patti.

The princess-vibes sheesh Patti.

And when you don’t wanna go solo, go both.

After looking through a whole load of bridal jewellery that may fit your style, it’s very normal to be overwhelmed with what to proceed with and keeping in mind the heavy cost that wedding seems to bring with itself. While being woke is also a trend at the moment. Thinking about an option to not compromise with your plans and going environment and pocket friendly is an excellent choice. 

There is the option to rent jewellery online. Why online? Because you don’t want to end up exhausted in bed after running around for bridal jewellery everywhere. searching for bridal jewellery online is a wise choice. 

You will have a concern about the quality and authenticity of the jewels and would want to go for the best. 

We have your back for this. 

Rent n Flaunt is a brand that lets you rent the best designer jewellery online, and with the utmost care taken over each piece, you are presented with bridal jewellery sets of top-notch quality. Having a versatile option in every wedding trousseau. it’s your one-stop for that big fat Indian wedding.

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