Let’s Find Out the Different Causes of Shoulder Pain

Chronic pain persists for a long time or months, or even years. Various factors can lead to this, including arthritis, back pain, nerve pain, etc. When dealing with this in any part of your body, you struggle to perform daily activities. The constant pain in any part of the body can cause depression and anxiety. While chronic pain can be incurable, you can seek treatments to manage it for improved life quality. Does anyone in your family complain of shoulder pain? You can get therapies for this as well. Some people take this issue lightly until it becomes a real challenge. But early diagnosis and medical help are recommendable.

Shoulder pain can be a dull ache or sharp, shooting sensation caused by injury, arthritis, or bursitis. Treatment varies as per the underlying cause but may include ice, heat, rest, and painkillers. Physical therapy can also feature. But severe pain may not show any signs of relenting through the conservative treatment. If you wish to recover, you can try regenerative medicine offered by a reputed Asheville Pain control clinic. It is a non-surgical process; hence, you don’t need to worry about surgery’s risks. No matter what leaves you with a chronically painful shoulder, you can depend on this alternative treatment. Let’s find out some common causes of shoulder pain.

Bone spurs

Bony outgrowths on bones’ edges refer to the condition of bone spurs. Although these can happen anywhere in the body, joints are most vulnerable. One of the common symptoms of this disorder is shoulder pain, as they tend to pinch or irritate the surrounding tissues, including ligaments, tendons, etc. In some cases, bone spurs can be the reason for your arthritis. Usually, doctors suggest motion-enhancing exercises and pain relief measures while surgery remains an option in severe cases.

Damaged rotator cuff

The rotator cuff, composed of four muscles and tendons, helps join the shoulder blade and the bone of the upper arm so that you can lift the arm. The rotator cuff can become worn down with age or exertion. When it happens, your shoulder experiences friction between tendons and the shoulder bone, due to which you get pain in the shoulder.

A broken bone in the shoulder or arm 

Again, the pain can be severe, constant, or may come and go. It can worsen when you move your arm or shoulder, leading to bruising and swelling. A fall or other accident may cause the bone to break. If the break is severe, there can be an obvious deformity. Or a disease such as osteoporosis can also be the culprit because it leads to brittle bone. Regardless of what causes this, your shoulder pain can be terrible, and without proper medical intervention, it can ruin your everyday life.

Other than these, dislocation, pinched nerve, and many more factors can be responsible for your shoulder discomfort. The specialists will diagnose your condition and suggest a suitable medical course to help you enjoy your daily life. You don’t have to live in pain, irrespective of what triggered it. If you choose a proper treatment plan, you can notice significant improvement. In this endeavor, an advanced technique like regenerative medicine can be helpful.

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