Reasons To Sue Your Debt Collector

Every person who owes debt has only one nightmare: getting calls and texts from a debt collector or collection agency. You are doing your best to pay off your loans, but there is only so much you can do. If you do not make the payments, you might have to face trouble soon, such as a lawsuit. However, it is also essential to know that collectors need to play by rules.

There are certain laws regarding the collection process that collectors must abide by, but not all of them do. If a debt collector has violated your rights, you can legally sue them with the help of an attorney. Visit this website to learn more.

Reasons to sue your debt collector 

  • They are calling you too early or too late.

According to the law, a debt collector is only allowed to call you during the designated hours, which are after 8 am and before 9 pm. If they call too early in the morning or too late at night, it is a violation of your rights. You have rights to privacy, rest, and leisure time even in debt. Getting calls or texts from a debt collector at times besides those hours can be inconvenient.

  • They are misrepresenting themselves or the debt owed

A debt collector is not allowed to lie about the debt owed, such as changing the amount or the name of the creditor. Furthermore, they must identify themselves correctly and not lie about their identity. For example, many times a collector may pretend to be from law enforcement to scare you.

When they approach you, you have the right to ask for full information about the original creditor as well as the collector. This stops them from seeking more than is owed.

  • Discuss your debt with third parties

Information about your debt must stay between the collector and you. They cannot reveal this information to anyone, even when they are speaking to other people to ask about you. They can ask about your location or an alternative contact number, but without revealing any confidential information. However, collectors are allowed to speak to your spouse.

  • They call even after you have told them to stop.

If a debt collector is being overly persistent or annoying you, you can legally ask them to stop. You can send them a certified letter to have the receipt of the time and date they receive the note as proof. If the collector still calls you after you have sent the letter, you can use the receipt in your legal case against the collector.

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