Types of casino games

In a casino, you can be offered to play a variety of gambling games. Each game has its own rules, including the rules of etiquette. In addition, for each game in the casino, there is special equipment.

Types of casino games

By equipment is meant the croupier’s working inventory: chips, gambling table, dice, cards, etc.

All casino games are based on the confrontation of the player with the bank, which acts as a gambling house. Most of the games have their own varieties, specific to each particular casino, so there’s probably no point in describing them in detail, but it would be worthwhile to list some games that are traditionally played in Western, and now in Russian casinos, of course, unless they intentionally exclude them from the list of offered here for more info from Hyperverse

So, the casino can offer you to play the following games:

  • Roulette—European, American, French;
  • card games—blackjack and its varieties, poker and its varieties,
  • Boura, crêpes, baccarat and its varieties, stos, “war casino,” red dog;
  • dice—sick, bo;
  • dominoes – pai gow;
  • wheel of fortune;
  • keno (a kind of bingo);
  • slot machines.

Card Games

Card games are numerous, and not all of them are played in casinos. Standard cards now have a rectangular shape and markings corresponding to the four suits: diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs.

In colloquial terms, they are respectively referred to as boubis, spades, hearts, and clubs. But occasionally there are card decks with five or even six suits.

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Each card has a shirt (back side) and a face side. The shirt of all cards of a deck is the same.

A set of cards is commonly referred to as a deck. Decks can be small (32 cards, from 7 to an ace in each suit), medium (36 cards, from 6 to an ace) and large (52 cards, from 2 to an ace).

Among the card games in casinos, the most popular are baccarat, poker and blackjack, of course, in different variations.


The origin of baccarat is still unclear. Supposedly, its roots are to be found in France, the city where the high-class crystal is made, which is the same name. However, many are convinced that the game first appeared in Spain. However, the name of the game comes from the Italian “baccarat,” which means zero. However, in the XIX century baccarat came to Russia, and quickly gained popularity among the aristocrats. Currently, this game is very popular. Both baccarat and punto banco should be played on special tables, but you can also use a blackjack table if you wish.

Live baccarat online Fairspin is good because it can be played by an unlimited number of people. In this course are two large decks, each 52 cards. It first appeared in Las Vegas casinos in the 1920s, and quickly became very popular, as it was much faster to play than baccarat.

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