What is a straight flush and what does it mean in card games?

What is a lobby breaker?be viewed is a question that players often wonder about in Mau Binh and Poker. Straight flushes play an important role in determining the value and strength of a deck. Join New88 to follow and learn about the concept of hall busting boxes and the meaning in each card game.

What is a lobby breaker?

The content is below Bookmaker New88 Presented to you will be basic information about the concept of lobby clearing crates, how to get lobby clearing crates and its meaning as follows:


What is a lobby breaker? asked by many players. It is a term that refers to a deck of 5 consecutive cards, regardless of suit. Often appears in games New88 card game like Poker, Mau Binh… Straight Jacket is one of the strongest decks of cards in these card games. For example: 10, J, Q, K, A of hearts are counted as a flush in the card game Mau Binh.

So you can simply understand that the hall clearing box must have a simultaneous combination of two conditions: quality and number. If one of the two conditions is missing, it will not be determined as a lobby clearing box. In particular, the probability that you will own a lobby clearing box is very low.

What are the conditions for creating lobby crates?

The conditions to create a lobby clearing barrel must meet the following two conditions:

  • First, for the numbers, there must be 5 cards with increasing numerical values ​​and consecutively to create a straight flush.
  • Second, in terms of suit, all 5 cards are guaranteed to meet the condition of being of the same suit. For example, 5 cards all of hearts, 5 cards of diamonds, 5 cards of spades, 5 cards all of clubs are counted as straight flushes if accompanied by the first condition.

Because the combination of 5 cards needs to meet the 2 conditions above, the flush box is often very difficult to appear. So you have to be extremely lucky to be able to own a straight flush in a card game.

Where does the lobby box come from?

When you understand What is a lobby breaker?Then you will continue to ask the question: Where does it come from and get such a name? To answer this question, flushing boxes appear in poker games originating from China. The name “straight flush” is called in Chinese and the meaning of each word is as follows: The name “straight flush” means straight flush. In which, “straight” means consecutive and “flush” means the same substance.

What is a straight flush: a beautiful deck of cards and the highest straight flush will start from card 10, J, Q, K, A. If that deck is of good quality, it is called a strong straight flush. most of the deck. If you own this deck, the win rate is almost up to more than 80%.

When you play a card game and you have a box to clear the hall in your hand, that is great news for you. Similarly, your life will bloom and vice versa, the lives of the remaining people in that game will become stagnant. When you own a straight flush, the other people in that game must use their intelligence and cunning tricks to win your straight flush.

In poker and martial arts, what is the meaning of a straight flush?

In Poker and Mau Binh What is a lobby breaker?huh? This is definitely also a question for players. The straight flush in poker and Mau Binh is defined as the deck of cards in the top of the strongest cards. Owning it is almost like winning a good poker gameMau Binh. The hall clearing box is also divided into 2 branches in poker or trading as follows:

  • Large straight flush: This is the strongest deck with card A at the top, it is created from cards 10, J, Q, K, A.
  • Small straight flush: Different from the large straight flush, this is a deck of cards combined with 5 consecutive cards that also have A. However, the A card is no longer at the top but is below the other cards. For example, created from cards A, 2, 3, 4, 5.

From those two branches, you can infer that the large straight clearing barrel can block the small straight clearing barrel. However, the probability of a clearing box appearing is extremely low. Therefore, you need to practice your card playing skills and not rely on the hall clearing box. Our community of gamers has a saying: “Winning or losing depends on skill”, right!

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Above are detailed information such as: What is a lobby breaker?? How to get it? What are the conditions created by the bookmaker New88 that you should know. Hope you guys are lucky and successful in getting the flush box in your card games. You can also visit the New88 bookmaker to play poker and trading to see how your luck and skills are!

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