Best Colombian Body Shaper Girdles For Women Review

Colombian bodybuilders are taking the clothing industry by storm. Presented from the South American country of Colombia, it is now considered the first belt for women in today’s age and has surpassed traditional belt underwear made in China.

The Colombian textile industry has been a leader in innovation in this field since 2001 creating underwear that helps women and men achieve the look they want in any outfit they choose.

fajas colombianas come in two types of pressure:

Light compression:

It is usually made out of Nylon and Spandex and high compression which is unique in fit, shape, and compression strength.

High compression:

It is composed of two main types. The outer lining is a special fabric composed of a mixture of cotton & latex that enables compression in many ways. The inner lining of these clothes can be made of cotton or lycra which results in a flexible fabric that can create a uniform pressure in many ways.Click here for more Log in to Zoom

Colombian belts are more expensive than your typical style due to the materials used but are also very high in quality. In our opinion, it’s worth it!

Why Wear a Belt?

No matter what your situation is we all want to look and feel our best. We want to be confident in our good every day. So what do you do when you have a big event like a wedding, date, or big party coming up?

The answer many women are turning to nowadays is Colombian body shapers. Bodyshapers will slim your body and hide any excess stomach, belly, or back fat and make you look your best no matter what outfit you’re wearing.

What is the Colombian Bodyshaper belt?

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Why are Colombian belts so popular around the world?

Colombian belts have become mandatory clothing to create style and show beauty, especially in women, although men have been using them.

Its commercial expansion has reached not only the United States and Europe but also Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, gaining the impression that Colombia’s main competitor, China, is trying to imitate to reach this important market. of underwear and clothing.

Today, I want to talk about the belts of Colombia, their health, culture, and, especially, the brands that are setting trends.

The custom of having a waistband comes from Colombian belts

The Colombian grandmothers explain that, in their time, young women carved the torso of their image in a narrow part of the waist, with covered stockings or reduced the size of their belts to get a “wasp waist”.

This method has evolved, with the use of Lycras and Nylon fabrics (covered with cotton), interspersed with wood and fabric for repair, until it reaches what is today in Colombia to reduce, shape, or control the belts.

Although the use of the Colombian belt has been popular for many reasons, the presence of all types of administrative clothing was accompanied by an increase in cosmetic surgery, which sought to shape the breasts, buttocks, and abdomen, becoming an opportunity for the Colombian textile industry too. improve its quality.

Since we are talking about fitness, I recommend that you see our latex line and Colombian sports belts, which quickly sweat and help you reduce your size.

Colombian Girdles: Market prices

The sale of Colombian fajas is spread all over the world and, for that reason, the price is very high. If you are looking for a belt of good quality, at an affordable price, it is better to go directly to the manufacturer, like Silene Fajas. We offer clothes starting at $40 and free shipping to any city in the United States.

The price of these clothes varies according to their function, for example, tail lift belts usually vary between 50 and 60 dollars while full Colombian belts, for use after surgery or after delivery have a slightly higher price.

It is not without reason that Colombian latex girdles are among the favorites of those who take care of their bodies. Starting with their benefits, since they help you reduce the weight and define the most expensive areas in the gym if you keep a proper diet.

You can find them as Colombian latex waistbands or vests; all help you define your waistline, sweat faster, and reduce water retention. In the case of a vest, you can hide the tubes that occur in the armpit and gradually form them until they are removed.

They are also among the Colombian belts for weight loss because they help you see results quickly, once you start a routine of exercise and good nutrition.

To take the opportunity to talk about their benefits, before you finish, I recommend that you read this post about 5 benefits that no one tells you about the belt.

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