Short term personal loans to tide over the month – Where can i get them in Singapore?

Businesses and people may run out of cash or funds to meet immediate or pressing demands. When this occurs, a short-term loan, such as a line of credit, payday loan, invoice finance, or commercial money transfers, among others, might come in handy.

The borrowing will most likely be granted since credit standing, and other eligibility and document criteria are not as critical in this loan as in different types of loans in Singapore.

What’s A Short-Term Loan?

A short-term loan typically has a loan balance ranging from S$500 to S$35,000. Aside from that, most short-term loans are uninsured, which means no collateral is required.Short-term loans from reputed lenders may be authorized within a day after analyzing your credit history and other requirements, such as yearly income.

Short-term loans are often expected to be returned within a year, with monthly or payday payments.A short-term loan is also approved more quickly, so you will get the funds you want without waiting a lengthy period.

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However, not all licensed moneylenders or financial organizations use the exact phrase. Loans, cash advances, payday advances, fast loans, payroll advances, and salary loans are some other terms for short-term loans.

A short-term loan will provide you with temporary assistance for your requirements. However, weigh the benefits and drawbacks before applying for a short-term loan in Singapore.

Types Of Short-Term Loans:

Invoice Financing: 

This is another short-term loan in which you borrow money to cover overdue client bills. Lenders provide early payment for outstanding bills and receivables. After invoice settlement, the lender’s fee will be settled.

Personal Loan 

Foreigners often use this kind of loan to finance large purchases. Compared to credit cards, short-term personal loans feature cheaper interest rates. You may use it to consolidate many credit card bills into a single, less expensive monthly payment. Lenders are also not required to put up any security, and lenders provide loans without assessing your creditworthiness.

Payday Loans

It is a small, short-term loan for emergencies that is easy to get. When you get a “Payday Loan,” you agree to pay back the money when your next paycheck comes in. However, one essential aspect of this loan is that it has a higher interest rate.

Merchant Cash Advances 

This loan is more like cash than a cash advance, but it is structured as a loan in return for a portion of future sales. When you make a purchase, a part of the transaction is taken by assessing your credit card information until the debt is repaid.

Lines Of Credit 

This short-term loan is similar to a credit card in that you may access cash from the line of credit anytime. There is no need to be concerned about exceeding the credit limit or the maximum amount mentioned in the agreement. Many businesses have used this type of lending to meet their capital requirements.

Pros AndCons Of Short Term Loan:


Less expensive since the interest rate of short term loans is much smaller than the cumulative interest rates of long-term loans. In the former, clients must repay the loan over a shorter time. Long-term loans, on the other hand, usually take at least a year to repay. 

There will be no promotional interest rate as long as the minimum amount of the outstanding debt is paid monthly throughout the loan term.Short-term loan applications are more likely to be granted than long-term loan applications.

It saves companies and people money since they do not have to worry about their credit rating as much as they would when applying for bank loans. Banks will evaluate the borrower’s credit record, and a low credit score will eliminate the borrower’s prospects of securing a loan.

Short-term loans provide rapid cash by turning 95% of a credit card’s authorized credit limit into proper loan amounts.

Repayments are flexible. There are many alternatives for repaying short-term debt. For instance, the borrower may want a three-month or six-month loan, and so on.


The quantity of money that may be borrowed is less than that of other forms of loans.This is because, unlike credit card debt, line of credit, foreigner loan, personal loan, and others, a short-term loan, by definition, must be paid back in a short period.

The interest rate on this form of loan is relatively high. Short-term loan interest rates are low only while payments are still due within the loan’s duration.

Otherwise, the capital borrowed skyrockets as the interest rate begin to skyrocket.There are other expenses, such as the processing charge.

Financial Institutions Offering Short-Term Loans:

Meanwhile, to get a loan, you must be aware of the locations and financial institutions where you may obtain low-interest short-term loans.


When getting a loan, a bank is the first thing that springs to mind. Yes, it is the most secure way to get cash loans. The bank holds the public’s money and utilizes it to make more. In exchange, they provide interest to consumers who deposit money in banks depending on the amount deposited. 

And, since the money belongs to the public, the bank assures that the loan is given to the proper individual who will return on time. So, to obtain a loan, you must complete extensive paperwork and a mandatory background check. Some central banks in Singapore where you may get a loan are HSBC, CITI Bank, OCBC Bank, and others.

Money Lenders:

Money lenders are another popular alternative that some people are aware of. These non-banking entities provide loans at a higher interest rate than banks. Most of the time, the individual seeking a loan from these groups cannot qualify for a bank loan. 

Because lending is riskier due to bank rejection, money lenders demand more interest to safeguard their cash. Meanwhile, the person unable to obtain a bank loan must agree to a high-interest rate to get the loan. A1 Credit, Bugis Credit, KBB Credit, and other money lending institutions can be found in Singapore

Private Funders:

And last but not least, private donors. There is, in fact, a fine line. Private funders may include a friend, parent, family, or business partner. In this transaction, individuals often provide substantially cheaper interest rates and the least amount of paperwork possible while maintaining maximum flexibility. 

However, run a frequent money lending company. The final alternative may not be suitable since it is challenging to handle private funders whenever you want a loan. However, this may be the sole option for obtaining an interest-free loan in Singapore on a short-term basis.

How ToChoose The Best Singapore Short-Term Loans:

You’re in a pickle now that you have a broad knowledge of short-term loans and where to get them. You may be thinking about which one is best for you, and I promise you there is none wrong with it. However, it would help if you looked before leaping. As a result, you should be informed of the loan amounts and interest rates offered by various banks and organizations.

  • Loan Comparison Site:

A credit card is the most satisfactory solution if you need a personal loan regularly and on a short-term basis. A credit card’s interest rate is lower than other interest rates, and you need to swipe your credit card to have your short-term loan authorized. Are you thinking about how to accomplish that? 

You will find several useful websites that compare the organizations’ interest rates and availability if you research online. However, they will supply you with the highest and smallest amount you may choose from. Going through these many websites will not only make you aware of the best time to apply for a loan. Still, it will also increase your understanding of economics.

  • Licensed Money Lenders:

However, suppose you are in a hurry and still unsure which one to pick. In that case, a private licensed money lender appears to be the ideal alternative. Unlike banks, you will not have to go through a lot of paperwork and get your money quickly. However, be cautious not to take on too much since their interest rate may cost us a lot of money.

Wrap up…

Check out which lender is the finest for an uncomplicated personal loan with personal loan interest rate in Singapore whenever you decide to borrow financing to satisfy your wants. Before you commit to anybody, you must ensure that all documentation is in order and that you obtain it from a legitimate source.

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