Top 5 Best Indian Rummy Apps To Play & Earn Money Online


In India, Rummy has been played for generations. Any type of social gathering such as dinner parties, friendly meetings, diwali parties or family functions, people tend to find the time to play a bit of rummy.

Card games are a fun way to pass the time and make your evening more interesting. All you need is a deck of cards and a group of people and you are set. Friendly wagers are made to see who is more eager to win and who has more confidence in their skills.

Out of all the card games, rummy is the most famous one in India. It is the go to game for Indians to play when they have a deck of cards at their disposal. A group of 2 to 6 people can play rummy together and have a jolly evening. 

Online Rummy 

This fun and exciting game can be played online with just a mobile phone and an internet connection. There are numerous rummy gaming apps available now-a-days for people to be able to enjoy this game with just a few clicks of buttons.

These rummy apps give you just as much of an authentic rummy experience as sitting with a group of friends offline and playing would. You can also play with the same group of friends just online while you are far apart from each other, with the help of your phone.

Also, Online rummy gives you more of a chance to earn money by playing cash games as well as get a chance to get fun prizes and bonuses by participating in competitions and tournaments.

Indian Rummy apps to download

With so many apps available online, let us help you in looking at the 5 best rummy apps to play and earn money online.

Number App Name
1. Getmega Rummy
2. Junglee Rummy
3. Rummy Circle
4. RummyTime
5. Rummy Baazi

  • Getmega Rummy

The best real money rummy app to earn some actual cash is Getmega. It offers you a high dose of entertainment along with prioritizing your privacy.

Getmega Rummy offers a safe gaming environment for all and also a fair gameplay field for all players. To get you fired up, there is also a ₹10,000 bonus after signing up to the app.

Getmega Rummy can be enjoyed by players of all skill levels. It has a streamlined gameplay and has easy money withdrawal as well verified game mechanics.

  • Color Rummy

With its rich graphic user centric interface, Color Rummy is a place to be for people who want a simple but still exciting card game experience. The eye catching aesthetics of the app adds a certain luxury appeal to their gaming platform.

The platform also is quite famous for its design which adds to the user experience by making it more enthralling.

Their live table and dynamic feature allows players a quick and convenient way to play rummy without any fuss at any time of the day. Color Rummy also strives to ensure that their players get an authentic rummy experience while playing on their app.

  • Rummy Silver

Rummy Silver has attractive royal player avatars, and aims to make mobile rummy as enjoyable as it would be if you were sitting in a circle playing with your friends and family.

Their fast paced multi table gaming experience is highly exciting, with numerous cash games taking place within their 24/7 gaming environment and players can engage in a rummy game at any point of time.

Rummy Silver has stunning 2D and 3D animations of rummy tables which offers a one of a kind experience to every rummy player.

  • Rummy Dhan

Rummy Dhan is one of the first of its kind multilingual platform in the online Indian rummy world. Giving people from a vast variety of regions access to rummy in their local language makes their experience more enjoyable.

Rummy Dhan runs without a hitch over a sluggish Internet connection and performs admirably. It also has easy and quick money withdrawals for a smooth user experience.

Rummy Dhan gives experienced rummy players with strategic advantage a chance to earn money with their skills.

Rummy Dhan has beautiful graphics and easy & quick money withdrawals to add to the user experience. 

  • Bappa Rummy

Bappa Rummy has a wide range of rummy variations to play at your convenience depending on your mood. Want to play a ton of different games like; Points Rummy, Pool Rummy, Deals Rumm, and many more, then

Bappa Rummy is the place for you.

It is a platform for rummy players only and has a friendly user interface for easy navigation through the app.

However, Bappa Rummy does not hold any value in the real world. It is a game meant purely for enjoyment and you can earn millions of chips but they only hold importance in the game. 


Rummy holds a high importance in India and it is necessary to uphold its spirits be it offline or online. The above mentioned rummy apps maintain this spirit of the game while giving you an authentic rummy experience.

On these apps, you can earn money while also polishing your skills to become a master of the game. Aside from this, you can also get some fun and exciting prizes by participating in tournaments available on the apps.

Overall it is a fun experience to play rummy on these apps with the added features of Beautiful graphics, fair gameplay and fun avatars.

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