Top 5 contenders to win the Italian championship

Serie A is one of the three strongest championships in Europe. Today, with a high degree of certainty, we can talk about the end of the “Juventus era”, which only adds interest to the championship. In Serie A, not only the championship is important, but also getting into the top four, which gives the right to play in the Champions League group stage. And this is not only prestigious, but also profitable. Click here for more about Classically Abb

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A season with an unpredictable ending

Today, Serie A is the most unpredictable league of the European top championships. The teams have overcome almost a third of the tournament distance, at least eight participants of the championship can claim the title. At the same time, the top three favorites do not include Juventus, which was the undisputed champion of Italy from 2012 to 2020. The list of the most likely contenders for the Scudetto looks like this:

  • Napoli
  • Inter
  • Milan
  • Juventus
  • Atalanta


“Partenopeians” confidently started the new season. The team advanced to the playoffs of the Champions League, almost “not noticing” Ajax, Liverpool and Rangers. After 12 rounds, Napoli lead the standings with ten wins and two draws. The Neapolitans last won the championship in 1990 and their desire to get to the title is quite understandable. In the summer transfer window, the club bought defender Kim Min Jae (€18 million) and Fulham midfielder Frank Anguis (€13 million) from Fenerbahce. Before the start of the championship, few believed in Napoli’s championship, but now the team’s chances are estimated at 1 to 2.9.


Before the start of the championship, many considered the “black and blue” the main contenders for the title. But Simone Inzaghi’s team has been very uneven in the first third of the championship and is now in fifth place, eight points behind Napoli. Too much for championship ambitions. In the Champions League, Internazionale, by contrast, is doing well. The team has already secured a place in the playoffs. The fans consider the arrival of striker Romelu Lukaku (loan from Chelsea) as the main reinforcement. Inter’s chances of winning the championship remain quite high: 1 to 4.


Last year’s champion seems ready to repeat his success. Defending the title will be harder than winning it, and it’s unclear how the team will perform without Ibrahimovic (Zlatan is still recovering from injuries). Another problem: the loss of key midfielder Frank Kessier (free agent, Barcelona). things are hard for the Rossoneri and in the Champions League. Two defeats to Chelsea put the team on the brink of relegation from the most prestigious tournament. Nevertheless, bookmakers believe that Milan can become the champion, the team’s chances are estimated at 1 to 4.8.


Nine championships in a row, and then a sharp decline in the game, which almost ended in the loss of a place in the European Cup zone. Today, the “old lady” is going through hard times. Juventus crashed out of the Champions League, moreover, the team runs the risk of being left without the Europa League (everything will be decided in the last round). In the championship of Italy, “black and white” take seventh place, which is not appropriate for them. But in terms of composition, Juventus is perhaps the strongest in the league. Perhaps that is why the stakes for the team’s championship are still high: 1 to 6.4.


The last few seasons for the Bergamians have been developing according to the same scenario: the team fervently starts the championship, but it does not have enough strength to crawl to the title. Today, the “goddess” takes second place in the table and many believe that this is the ceiling of the team. Nevertheless, the bookmakers still haven’t discounted Atalanta, the chances of winning the championship are 1 to 7.

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