What are the effects of fast fashion?

Everyone is a bit guilty of having participated and bought from the fast fashion world. Either for their strategic prices or the convenience of their presence in the fashion world that makes it easier for us – as shoppers. But, supporting fast fashion industries is like live betting odds. On the spot, impulsive purchases cannot be reversed and soon leave an irreversible mark.

  • 1. Effect on the environment

Fast fashion’s footprint adds up to a bigger percentage than all international flights and maritime combined. Due to fast fashion industries, regions are suffering of water scarcity. On average, the production of one pair of jeans requires 2000 gallons of water and approximately 700 gallons to produce one shirt. Fast fashion industries like SHEIN use microplastics that take centuries to biodegrade. And, when consumers throw them in the washing machine and the water ends up in the rivers and oceans. This affects different species’ health, accelerating their extinction.

  • 2. Effect on the workers

Fast fashion industries exploit workers, especially in Asian developing countries. An area where laws and regulations are not legalized and respected in protection of the workers and their rights. They are instilling modern-day slavery in the 21st century. By forcing child laborers and workers to work long hours in unsafe environments. With no access to healthcare and the right to paid absences. And fast fashion industries are aware that the workers are unable to quit their jobs. As X#their families depend on their wages that are below the legal minimum wages to survive.

  • 3. Effect on the economy

As fast fashion industries profit off young consumers that do not have large budgets for their shopping. Hence, it does positively boost the world economy in one aspect. However, they are held responsible for 20% of the industrial water usage and 10% of carbon emissions. So, the economy boost they can slightly offer comes at an opportunity cost, where it is setting the world to face irreversible affects to the globe. For the long run, fast fashion industries will be the leading causes of the fall of the global economy. As for the younger consumers of the industry, the products that are purchased are of low quality and temporarily used before they are thrown out, that requires the need to purchase new products once again. This process is a continuous cycle, which could be solved by purchasing from slower fashion industries at a higher price that will ensure a longer lasting duration of the quality of the product.

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