Your First Face Lifting Surgery? Here’s What to Expect

There are various reasons why people opt for plastic surgery. Often, face-lifting surgery improves your self-esteem and boosts your confidence, and after much consideration, you’ve also decided to pursue it. However, being your first time, you may be anxious about what will happen behind the surgery room door. This guide takes you through what you should expect before, during, and after rhytidectomy surgery.

You’ll Meet Your Surgical Team

Many medical professionals work closely to ensure that the surgery goes smoothly. Therefore, you’ll meet your surgical group before the surgery instigates. These pros help you prepare and be at ease by giving the best care they can. Also, they review your previous medical record to assess the surgery need and possible post-surgery repercussions. After the surgery, the team gives you clear instructions on home care for quick recovery.

Physical Examination and Tests

Professional surgeons like Dr. Joel Aronowitz care more about your health. Therefore, before surgery initiation, he will conduct a few tests and examinations. These assessments help the surgeon to know if you qualify for the surgery. If not, they advise you on the best option you could take. For instance, the doctors run a blood test to identify your blood group to guide them in case of blood transfusion.

Take the Relevant Type of Anesthesia

Due to pain, your surgeon can’t face-lift you to your normal state. Hence, they inject you with anesthesia drugs to block pain during and after surgery. You’ll have regional or local anesthesia for minor surgery to numb the nerves around your face. The timed numbness ensures you feel no pain or discomfort during the operation.

You’ll Answer a Series of Questions

Being your first operation, the surgeon will ask several questions that vary depending on the motive. The professional surgeon may inquire about your current health, medication, face-lifting reasons, and expectations. In this stage, the surgeon advises and prepares you for the life change after surgery.

You’ll Spend Time in the Recovery Room

It’s almost impossible for doctors to discharge you the same day after surgery. Therefore, you may have to spend a few days in the recovery room. The nurses check your healing progress in the room and administer the necessary medication. Remember, the time you’ll stay in the recovery space depends on how stable you are and how quickly you respond to medication.

Your Doctor Will Review Your Insurance Cover

Face lifting procedure calls for vast amounts of money. On the other hand, different insurance companies vary in the risks, terms, and policy coverage. So, if you have a medical insurance policy, your surgeon assesses if it caters to the surgery costs and the actual amount. If the insurance policy limits some medical services, you discuss how you’ll promptly meet your bills. Depending on what best suits your financial schedule, you can choose any payment plan the surgeon offers you.

As your surgery date approaches, you may get uneasy and nervous because it’s the first time. But now, worry less since you know what awaits you in the surgery room. You must prepare yourself properly, speak your thoughts, and channel your questions to your surgeon.

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